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If you are looking for an experienced, reliable and affordable software developer to automate your business process please give me a call at 732-705-1026.

I have long experience of developing software solutions using industry standard tools, frameworks and components to provide cost effective, efficient, reliable and secure software solutions. My business is small enough for you to get 100% attention and importance you deserve and my experience is long enough to provide you with reliable solution that is custom fitted to your business needs. 

No Outsourcing or third party developer involved

I serve directly to develop your software and do not involve cheap third party developers or outsource any part of your project to any other part of the world. Everything is developed here in New Jersey, USA.

Cost Cutting

I have worked with several larger companies around this area and developed software solutions for their clients. They charge hefty amount by adding their profit to the actual development cost that I charge. By hiring me directly you save more than 40% of the hefty development cost you pay to the bigger companies in the area who have huge overhead. Cutting cost does not have to compromise the quality. By using latest industry standard frameworks, tools and platforms I can drastically reduce the overall development time without compromising quality which results in big saving for you. The good side effect of this practice is that the software is secured, efficient and modern. You can quickly verify this, get a quote from them and one from me and compare. You will find out that I ask more questions to understand your requirements, and when that time comes when I provide you the quote you will find that my pricing is very reasonable and affordable and my delivery time is very reasonable too. I don't put you in the "back burner" or "queue". If I have to delay due to other engagements, I will let you know upfront exactly when I can start working on your project.    

Custom Software Development

I have extensive experience developing software solutions for Sales, Distribution, Billing, Accounting, Inventory, Manufacturing WIP, Workforce management, Job Scheduling and Service management businesses.

Software Conversion and Integration

I have helped businesses to convert their existing software using latest technologies like .Net, Java, MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle .

I have also helped businesses to integrate their existing software with their Accounting Package, Paypal, Google Checkout, Payment processors, FedEx and UPS web services.

Integration not only eliminates hours of duplicate efforts but also eliminates human errors in the process. Integration can save you big bucks and help you run your business smoothly.

Data Import, Data Conversion and Aggregation

I can help you to import Data from credit card companies, web api,  Excel Files, Text Files, EDI Messages, Emails and Pdf files. I can write you a software to automate these tasks to be performed on daily basis. These automated tasks can save you lot of money and eliminate manual errors in the process.

I can also help your businesses to convert and merge the imported data to generate aggregate reports that give you overall picture of the health of your business.